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Is Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Necessary?

Monday, April 27th, 2015

The answer to the question posed above is a resounding “yes.” Assuming that you want your residential air conditioning system to function as effectively and reliably as possible, as well as in an efficient manner, you absolutely must schedule professional, routine air conditioning maintenance. Ours is the number to dial when you are after comprehensive air conditioning maintenance in Hartford, CT. Now that the cold winter season is drifting into memory, and spring is bringing warmer and warmer weather each and every day, you are wise to get your cooling system on track for the many challenges that it will face ahead. Contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your AC maintenance services with trained professionals that you can trust. 

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Is a Heat Pump the Best Option for Your Home Comfort?

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Heat pumps have become increasingly common in Connecticut and throughout New England, and in many cases they are an excellent means of solving your heating and cooling problems. They operate on the same heat transfer principle as regular air conditioners: using refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in your home, then venting that heat outdoors. However, they can also reverse their operation in order to use heat in the air outside in order to bring warmth into your home during the heating season. It’s a fairly ingenious system, and in towns like Hartford, CT, heat pump technology may provide solutions that other HVAC systems cannot. Is a heat pump the best option for your home comfort? It depends. Contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning with any questions that you may have. 

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Why Use a Geothermal Cooling System?

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Some concepts are easy to understand, such as using the energy of the sun in order to warm a home. Others are a bit less obvious, such as using a ground source heat pump in order to cool a home. How does one utilize the earth itself to facilitate the cooling process? The answer lies in geothermal technology, and this just happens to be one of our areas of expertise.

A geothermal cooling system in Hartford, CT is a great means by which to keep one’s home cool and comfortable throughout the cooling season. The installation process of a geothermal system is rather complex, though, and this type of system is not appropriate or ideal for all properties. Working with a trained professional is the best way in which to ascertain if a geothermal installation is the right option for your home. Contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today for more details. 

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When to Consider Using a High Velocity Air Conditioner

Monday, April 6th, 2015

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using traditional, forced air air conditioning systems in order to keep a home comfortable during the hottest time of the year. The simple fact of the matter, though, is that not every home can accommodate the bulky ductwork which such ducted systems require in order to distribute cooled air throughout a home. This doesn’t mean that owners of such houses are out of luck, though, nor does it mean that they must content themselves with inefficient, insecure window units. If you have an older home, or a home whose architecture just won’t allow for the convenient installation of air ducts, you are wise to consider the installation of a high velocity air conditioning system. Give Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning a call if you think you may benefit from such a system.

What is a High Velocity Air Conditioner?

High velocity air conditioning systems actually utilize air ducts in order to cool a home effectively and evenly. The major difference of such systems, though, is the nature of these air ducts. High velocity systems use air ducts which are considerably smaller than standard ductwork in order to distribute cooled air throughout a house. These air ducts are also very flexible, meaning that they can snake through a home in a manner that more traditional ductwork cannot. They are fed into existing walls, and are easily fitted around obstructions. This makes these systems ideal for homes in Hartford, CT with architectural designs prohibitive to the installation of air ducts, or for those homeowners seeking to ensure that their architecture is not compromised during such a process.

Additional Benefits of High Velocity Air Conditioners

Not only can a high velocity air conditioner service a home in which traditional ductwork is not a viable option, but such systems are also incredibly quiet in their operation. Many models are capable of removing far more humidity from the air than standard split central air conditioners, and they can also help to eliminate drafts. The way in which the air circulates with the use of such systems allows for great evenness and comfort as you cool your home.

Make sure that you schedule your high velocity air conditioning services with trained professionals that you can count on to do the job right. Contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to do so. We are adept in all manner of high velocity air conditioning services.

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Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Protect Your Compressor

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

The compressor can perhaps be described as the heart of your air conditioning system. This component pumps refrigerant through the system, adding pressure and increasing the temperature so that it can give off heat at the condenser and carry on with its cycle. Without a working compressor, your entire unit is useless. And sometimes, a broken compressor cannot be repaired. It may just be that the entire unit needs replacement. Keep your compressor in good condition by following a few simple steps, and call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Call for repairs at the first sign of trouble

Pay attention to even the most subtle signs that your air conditioner is struggling. When there is a refrigerant leak, for example, you may notice that your home takes longer to cool down. The bigger issue is that your compressor is designed to take on a certain amount of refrigerant, and a small leak can cause it to struggle, leading to a potential failure. Call a technician anytime you notice your unit is short cycling, struggling to start, making noises, or cooling inefficiently.

Set your thermostat to an efficient temperature

One of the ways many homeowners inflict damage upon their air conditioning systems is by setting the thermostat too low. When you come home after a long, hot day, you may be tempted to turn the AC down to 68 degrees in the hopes that it will cool off faster. However, this is a myth about air conditioning that can really wear down the system. It won’t cool down any faster just because you lower the temperature, and it’s better for your system if you keep the thermostat at a warmer but comfortable setting.

Schedule regular maintenance

Scheduling regular professional maintenance is perhaps the best way to keep your air conditioner in top shape. When a technician comes to your home for maintenance, they’ll check the refrigerant levels, fan performance, electrical components, and much more, including the state of your compressor. They may make a few minor adjustments to keep your system in peak condition and prevent the compressor from falling into decline.

Trust Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair or maintenance in Farmington.

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