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Why You Need Routine Fireplace Maintenance

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Your fireplace can help keep your home warm during the winter, but if not properly maintained, can also cause some serious problems: according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireplaces are the cause of more than 25,000 house fires every year. One of the best ways to keep your fireplace in Newington, CT operating safely is with routine maintenance performed by trained professionals, like the ones at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning.

Maintenance by Type of Fireplace

Fireplaces can burn wood, gas and even be electrical. As such, maintenance for each type is a little different:

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

  • Annual inspection of fireplace and chimney to check for possible obstructions and creosote build-up
  • Check of chimney cap
  • Professional chimney cleaning (also known as chimney sweeping)

Gas Fireplaces

  • Inspection of fireplace and chimney
  • Make sure fan and air passages are clean
  • Check vents
  • Check millivolt output
  • Make sure any decorative logs are clean and free of debris

If any of these components need cleaning or adjusting, it should be scheduled and completed before operating the fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces

  • Check to make sure air inlets aren’t blocked
  • Check thermostat
  • Check to make sure unit is clean

NOTE: unit should always be unplugged while performing maintenance.

Safety Measures You Can Take

There are a few safety measures you can take, too:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher available at all times
  • Keep all flammable items away from the hearth
  • Use a screen for gas and wood-burning fireplaces
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home

The cold weather may seem like it’s far away, but fall is just around the corner. If your fireplace in Newington, CT is part of your fall and winter heating, now is a great time to call for fireplace maintenance service. Let our professionally-trained technicians help you get your fireplace in shape in time for the cold weather – call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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It’s Time to Schedule Maintenance for Your Heating in Hartford

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Summer is coming to a close, and that means cooler weather approaching and winter beyond that. You probably haven’t given much thought to your heating system yet, but now is definitely the time when to start preparing it for its winter chores.

The period of early fall, right as the summer heat begins to taper off, is the best time to arrange for an HVAC professional to visit your home and inspect and tune-up your heating in Hartford, CT. This is the time when heating and air conditioning contractors have less busy schedules, making it easier to arrange for a convenient time for the maintenance session.

Call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule a maintenance visit through our comprehensive Residential Loyalty Program.

Why You Must Schedule Heating Maintenance

If you think that you can skip maintenance this year, we want to emphasize that annual maintenance for a heating system is mandatory for it to work efficiently and with the lowest potential for repair problems or a full breakdown during the winter. A malfunctioning furnace, heat pump, or radiant floor heating during one of the coldest days of the years is something you never want to experience, and the scramble to get the necessary repairs done during this time can be difficult. You need to have as much protection as possible from the winter cold, so schedule maintenance every year to make sure that wear and tear and damage cannot get a foothold on your heating system.

Annual maintenance is also crucial to receiving the longest service life from your heater. Without maintenance, most heaters will not make it past the halfway point.

You can expect your heating system to start draining additional power if it goes without maintenance. Your heating bills will begin to mount unless you have technicians tune-up the system and perform necessary cleaning and adjustments that will make sure that the heater works at its best.

Finally, maintenance will keep your heater safe. This is especially important for gas-powered furnaces. Technicians will see that the furnace doesn’t have any cracks in the heat exchanger or gas leaks.

Sign Up for a Regular Maintenance Program

When you enroll in a preventive maintenance program, you will receive maintenance visits each year for both your heater and your air conditioner. Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning offers a Residential Loyalty Program for ACs and heating in Hartford, CT that will not only maintains both systems, but also save you 10% on additional service calls and provides you with a special loyalty maintenance rate. Call us today to sign up and have your heating equipment tuned-up in time for the cool weather.

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Why You Should Schedule Maintenance for Your Boiler

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

It’s late summer here in Connecticut, and we’re still experiencing warm weather (and some rain showers). But the cooler weather will arrive sooner than we’d like to think, and that means the air conditioners will turn off and the heating systems will come to life. If you have a boiler in Bristol, CT to heat your home, do you know if it’s ready to do its job, and keep doing it through the winter freeze until spring?

The best way to know if your boiler is ready for the coming cold season is to schedule a maintenance visit for it from professional HVAC technicians. Contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today and talk to us about our Residential Loyalty Program to take care of your boiler maintenance (and your air conditioning maintenance when its time comes).

Why Scheduling Boiler Maintenance is Important

First of all, we advise you have the annual maintenance session for your boiler some time during the next two months. Late summer/early fall is an excellent time to schedule maintenance for any heating system, since you probably won’t yet need the heater, and technicians will have more open scheduled during this transition from cooling to heating season. You’ll have your preparations finished before you need to turn on the boiler.

Boilers are among the most durable and long-lasting of all heating systems because they have few moving parts. But maintenance is still key for them because of the presence of water, which can lead to corrosion and leaking if the system is not well-cared for. When a technician comes to your home for maintenance, you’ll receive a thorough inspection for the boiler that takes into account all its components to see that they are not suffering degradation from wear and water. A technician will keep eye on the heat exchanger to make sure it has not started to rust, and check that sediment hasn’t started to develop inside the tank. The technician will search for locations where leaking may have started, and see that all connections are watertight.

The inspection of the boiler will also look over the burner/heating elements to see they are working properly. This check is especially important if you have a gas-powered heater (the most common type in homes): the technician will see that the burner is clean, the pilot light/electric igniter is working, and there are no obstructions to gas line.

Once the maintenance session is finished, you can feel confident that your boiler in Bristol, CT will come on when you need it to, and it will work with very few problems through the season.

If you sign up for the Residential Loyalty Program from Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll be rewarded with 10% of all additional service calls if you continue with maintenance without skipping a season: that’s right, we reward you for taking the best care of your heating and cooling systems. Give us a call today and ask us about our boiler maintenance service.

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Is It the Right Time to Schedule Heating Installation?

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

We’re still enjoying warm summer temperatures here in Connecticut, and so it’s difficult to think about the temperature dropping down to the point where we will need to turn on our home heating systems. But that time is coming up fast and will arrive sooner than we think (those “Back to School” sales are already popping up everywhere). If you need to have a new heater installed for whole-house comfort, you should definitely start thinking about it now. There are some important decisions to make regarding a new heating system for your home, and if you want a head start, call up professional installers and get the process going while it’s still warm outside.

For the right assistance for heating installation in Farmington, CT, contact Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. Our skilled technicians will help guide you through every step of installation, starting with picking and sizing the heater that will do the best job for you without wasting energy.

Early Stages of Heating Installation

The reason that it’s a wise idea to start heating installation during the late summer/early fall is that you can take the time to make the best choices possible with the help of professionals.

  • What type of heater should you install? There is a larger variety of heating systems than air conditioning systems, and they can different fuel sources. If you are replacing a system, you will probably first consider going with a similar type, although perhaps one with more features. However, you may wish to switch to a different type of heater. For example, if you’ve previously used an electric furnace, you might consider a heat pump (which will take care of air conditioning as well). If you have used a boiler, now might be the time to consider changing over to a comfortable and efficient radiant floor heating system.
  • How large a system should you install? “Sizing” is a key part of installing a central heater. A heating system must produce the right amount of BTUs of heat that will keep a house comfortable without causing the system to “short cycle” and shut on and off repeatedly, wasting energy and wearing down rapidly. To find out the ideal size of heating system for a home, installers must calculate the heating load necessary to provide comfort. A heat load calculation from trained experts will help them select the ideal sized heater for your needs.
  • Should you replace the thermostat(s)? If you’ve had your current heating system for more than a decade, the answer to this question is probably “yes.” You can have a new thermostat put in before you heating system’s installation, since the thermostat will control the cooling as well. This is a good early step to take care of during the summer if you are planning new heating installation for the fall.

Don’t get caught by surprise when the first chilly day of end of the year arrives and you don’t have an operational heater. Be prepared with timely heating installation in Farmington, CT from the professionals at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment with us.

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