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What Does That Hissing Noise from My AC Mean?

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Hissing isn’t a good sound in many situations, and this holds true for your air conditioner. There are different levels of hissing, as we’ll explain here, but the bottom line is that hissing isn’t a sound you want to ignore, especially with summer just around the corner.

So what does a hissing sound mean? It can mean a few things, but no matter what the exact problem, it’s important to have your Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning expert manage your air conditioning repair services in the Bristol and in New Haven whenever you hear a hissing sound coming from your AC.

Reason #1: Leaky Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant in your system is under pressure; as such, if a leak develops, you may hear a light hissing sound as the refrigerant escapes through the leak. Sometimes these kinds of leaks can also be accompanied by a bubbling sound for the same reason.

Reason #2: Internal Valve Leak

The compressor has a valve that, when leaking, can create a small hissing noise. Valve leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible, as these valves help with the pressurization of the refrigerant gas. Left unrepaired, a valve leak will get worse and its sound along with it.

Reason #3: The Compressor

The compressor hissing or shrieking is a serious situation: it means the pressure inside the compressor is too high. If you hear hissing, or worse, shrieking, coming from your compressor, turn off your air conditioner immediately and call a technician; do not restart your air conditioner until it has been looked at by a professional.

When Hissing Isn’t a Problem

Your air conditioner has normal operational sounds, one of which may be short, small hiss noises. One part known for emitting regular hiss sounds is the expansion valve. As the refrigerant gas expands in this valve, it can make a hissing noise that lasts for several seconds and then goes away.

A second place you may hear a hissing sound is in the ductwork at the start of a new cycle. You may want to open your registers more if the sound is bothersome, but you most likely will not have a mechanical issue with which to be concerned when hearing this noise coming through the register.

Don’t Let That Hiss Go

Whether it’s a hiss, a pop or a crackle, unknown sounds in your air conditioner should always be inspected by a professional. For expert air conditioning service in New Haven contact Dynamic Mechanical today!

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What You Need to Know About Commercial HVAC Repair

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Comfort inside your business is a vital part of its success. Excellent comfort means more content workers and happier customers, clients, and/or tenants. Whether your building needs to invite in the public or not, it should be an appealing place for anyone who comes inside. During the summer and winter, your commercial HVAC system in Plainville, CT is the most important appliance for maintaining this pleasant environment.

When any problem reduces your commercial HVAC’s comfort levels, creates a rise in electrical bills, or shuts down the system entirely, you should call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning right away. Our specialists in commercial HVAC repair in Plainville, CT will rush out to you, any time of the day or night, and restore your business to its pleasant temperature once more.

A few things you need to know about commercial HVAC repairs

  • They need specially trained commercial repair technicians: Commercial HVAC systems operate in ways similar to residential systems. But the commonalities are superficial, and when it comes to repairs, a technician who is only familiar with home air conditioners and heaters will not be able to get the work done. The size and power necessary to condition a business space and maintain comfort levels that will please everyone within require that these systems are more complex than residential ones. Make sure that you only contract a company with commercial HVAC experience when it’s time for repairs.
  • They must remain up to code: Any repairs to a major electrical system, such as a commercial HVAC unit, must stay within the rules of the National Electric Code or local amendments and alterations to it. The state, municipality, or city can close down a business due to violation of the code, and this can be crippling. Fortunately, any qualified commercial HVAC repair technician knows the code well, as well as any local changes to it, and will make sure your system remains within the law.
  • Timely repairs will save you money: If you or your employees notice something wrong with the HVAC system that doesn’t otherwise seem to affect comfort, you cannot ignore it. The problem will grow worse, and the eventual repair will carry a higher price tag. During that time, you will start to pay more to run the faulty system. Repairs done on time mean significant savings.

We always advise homeowners to move fast with repairs and rely only on professionals. But with commercial HVAC, the situation is more serious: you can’t afford to hesitate with repairs, and you must call licensed Plainville, CT HVAC commercial repair experts. Don’t put your company in jeopardy from lack of comfort or work that violates local codes: call the specialists at Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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3 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacing

Friday, May 16th, 2014

The days are counting down to the official start of summer, but the heat waves could strike at any time: make sure that you’re ready with an effective and efficient air conditioning system to keep your home cool. Now is the time to schedule repairs, maintenance, and—if necessary—a replacement AC.

Aging air conditioners send warning signs that they are reaching the end of their lifespan and should be replaced. Here are three indications that your home’s air conditioning in Bristol, CT is on its last legs. If you think the time has come for new AC installation, call Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll determine if your current system should be retired and help you find and install the right replacement unit.

Warning Signs of Impending Air Conditioner Replacement

  1. Continual loud operation: When an AC reaches the point where its components have worn down beyond the point where repairs can reverse the downward trend, the system will start to produce an unusual amount of noise while it runs. Grinding, groaning, and screeching sounds will be most common. A single odd noise will point toward a repair need, but when the air conditioner makes loud noise consistently, then its compressor is probably close to breaking and you should have the system replaced.
  2. Elevated bills: The same wear and tear that will cause noisy operation will also cause the air conditioner to work harder to perform its job. With proper maintenance, an AC will maintain 95% of its efficiency for most of its lifespan, but it will quickly decline during the last two years. If you’ve noticed a steady build in your electrical bills whenever you run the air conditioner, and neither maintenance nor repairs affect it, then you should consider a replacement.
  3. Excessive repair needs: During the final two years of an AC’s life when its efficiency starts to drop is also when it will require the most repairs. Look over your recent repair bills: if it costs more than $500 in repairs to keep the AC running, then it is no longer cost-effective and replacement is the more economical option.

Air conditioners can last 10–15 years with proper maintenance (depending on the model). If your system is at the outer edge of its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, any of the above signs means that the time has arrived to call for professional installers to replace it.

Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning offers full services for air conditioning in Bristol, CT. Let us help you choose the ideal new system to cool down your home this summer and let us install it so it will give you years of trouble-free comfort. Give us a call today!

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Signs of a Qualified Air Conditioning Installation Service

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Summer is on the way, and with it comes an increased reliance on your air conditioning system. If you’re dealing with an older or worn-out unit, now is an ideal time to have it replaced with a new one. Here in West Hartford, air conditioning installation services are commonplace, but it behooves you to make sure you’ve got the right company for the job. You can choose a company based on a clever ad or simply pull a name you like out of the phone book. But more concrete signs of a qualified air conditioning service can help you make an informed choice.

  • Affiliations. Most air conditioning companies possess all of the pertinent licenses and certifications to function. But if you’re looking for one that goes the extra distances, find one with additional accreditation. The Better Business Bureau, in particular, is an excellent way to spot high-quality services, as are reputable third parties such as the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association.
  • Recommendations. Businesses have all kinds of means of attracting new customers, but the most effective is often the most traditional: word of mouth from satisfied customers. Check the company’s website for reviews or ask friends or neighbors if they have a company they can recommend.
  • Service. Obviously, you can’t be sure what kind of service a company will provide until they actually perform the installation, but again, a few telltale signs can suggest a more dedicate and thorough company. For instance, if they offer a free consultation, or 24-hour service for emergencies, they’re likely more thorough and professional than a company that doesn’t make such offers. Above all, make sure the company provides free estimates before the job gets started, so you know what’s entailed up front.

Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning is a supremely qualified air conditioning installation service. We’re fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we offer free estimates, 24-hour service is available, and we stand by our reputation with our legions of customers. Finding an air conditioning service in West Hartford is just a phone call away. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

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3 Noises That May Warn of Air Conditioning Repair Needs

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Anything mechanical will make noise during operation, but there are differences between good noises and bad ones. When it comes to your air conditioner, some noises are better than others. Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning has heard many different noises through the years, so we’ve taken 3 that you’ll want to be listening for this summer. When you need air conditioning repair in Hartford, CT, Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning is the company to call.


When your air conditioner starts up, you may hear a hissing noise that lasts for several seconds; this is quite normal. However, if you continue to hear that noise, there may be a problem with your compressor. Compressors are one of the key parts of your air conditioning system, so it’s important to have a professional air conditioning technician look at your unit’s compressor.

Screaming Noise

A screaming or screeching noise is also indicative of a compressor issue, and this one can be very serious. Compressors pressurize refrigerant as part of the cooling cycle, in order to help cool your home. If there is a screaming/screeching noise emanating from your outdoor unit, there may be excessive internal pressure in the compressor. Turn your system off immediately and contact a professional right away.


Clunking noises in your air conditioner typically mean something has come loose – but what that something is needs to be determined by a licensed professional.

Clunking can happen when a mount or bearing comes loose. It can also happen when pieces of the fan are bent or break off. No matter what size piece is causing the clunking, it should be repaired quickly by a qualified technician so it doesn’t cause greater problems in your system.

Get the Noise Fixed

Whether your air conditioner is banging, clicking, snapping or clunking, it is always best to call an AC specialist to check it out. It may be something small, like a loose component, but it could be something bigger and potentially more dangerous to your air conditioner and property.

Hearing something you don’t like in your air conditioner? Dynamic Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can handle any air conditioning repair in Hartford, CT that you may require. Give us a call today!

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